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Frequently Asked Questions

Address of Record / Email Address

How do I change my address of record or email address?

An address or email change can be done online via the BreEZe system. You will need to sign into the system and follow the instructions to submit an address/email change.

You may also change your address/email by printing and completing the Notice of Change of Address/Email form. Please sign the form and fax it to the number on the form.

NOTE: If you are renewing at the same time you want to change an address/email, please be sure to change your address/email before renewing your license. You can update your address/email online in the BreEZe system prior to completing the renewal process online. If you are faxing the Notice of Change of Address/Email prior to renewal, please write “Expedite for Renewal” at the top of the form before faxing to the Board.

What information is needed by the Board when making an address change?

The licensee's name, both the new and old address, license/registration number and signature (no one may sign on the licensee's behalf) must be provided. If using an employer's address, billing address or address of a family member or friend, please ensure that permission is given prior to the change. The licensee is responsible for all communications sent to the address of record.

What is the time limit for notifying the Board of my change of address?

The licensee/registrant must report every change of address within 30 days of the change.

Can I provide a PO Box as my address of record?

Yes. However, if the new address being reported is a post office box, the licensee is required by law to provide the Board with a separate street address which will be kept confidential.

Will the address of record be provided to the public?

Yes. The address of record is public information and will be provided to any individual or entity who inquires. The address of record is also available on the Board's website. A licensee should carefully consider the address of record before providing to the Board.

I don't want to receive the MBC Newsletter (previously named Action Report). Can my name be removed from the mailing list?

No. A licensed physician, regardless of whether the license is current or delinquent, cannot be removed from the mailing list. The newsletter contains information relating to licensing, renewal and enforcement. It includes updates on legislation and additions or changes to the Business and Professions Code, which could significantly affect a physician's practice and license status.