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License Verifications

What is a license verification?

A license verification is a certified verification that documents the status of your medical license. The verification includes, but is not limited to, issued date, expiration date, current status, and if there is any record of discipline.

How do I request a license verification?

You have two options to request a license verification;
  1. Contact VeriDoc and request a license verification be sent to a state medical board. The verification will be emailed promptly to the requested board after the online transaction is completed.
  2. Submit a written request to the Board with a $10 fee. The request must include the physician’s name, license number, and the name and address of the requesting state medical board. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Can the license verification be sent back to me?

No, license verifications will only be mailed directly to the requesting state medical board.

How do I expedite my license verification request?

The fastest way to process a request is to use VeriDoc.

In addition to a license verification, the state medical board is requesting my examination scores. Can I get my examination scores from the Board?

If you completed the California State Exam prior to 1969, the Board can provide your examination scores upon a written request and a $10 fee. If you completed FLEX, National Board, or the USMLE examination, please contact the appropriate agency to request your examination scores.