The mission of the Medical Board of California is to protect health care consumers through the proper licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons and certain allied health care professionals and through the vigorous, objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act, and to promote access to quality medical care through the Board's licensing and regulatory functions.

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The Medical Board of California (Board) has learned of a new scam targeting California physicians in which a caller impersonates a Board investigator, staff member or other law enforcement official and warns the physician that their license has been suspended, or a warrant has been issued for their arrest (sometimes both) due to criminal activity.

The scammer warns the physician that the suspension of the license will not show up on the physician’s public profile page, but that it is in full effect and the physician is not permitted to treat patients. The caller demands money or other compensation from the physician to stop the threatened action and utilizes fake Board letterhead containing fraudulent use of Board staff names and signatures to add authenticity to the scam.

The scammer also instructs the physician to not speak about the matter to anyone.

The Board would like to remind physicians that no Board staff member will ever contact physicians by telephone to inform them of a license suspension or to demand money or any other form of payment.

If you receive such a call:

  • Hang up immediately
  • Contact the Board directly at (800) 633 2322 to report the call
  • Report the call to local law enforcement authorities
  • It should be noted that the scammers use sophisticated methods to spoof Board phone numbers. Do not fall for this. Always call the Board directly if you have any questions.

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) will release the optimized Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) on April 11, 2022. Please refer to the DOJ guidance document “ New Optimized Cures Being Released On 4/11/2022” for important information on new features of the optimized CURES, supported web browsers, and planned system downtime from Friday, April 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM, through Monday, April 11, 2022 at 8:00 AM.

After this deployment, the initial login to CURES, whether via the web application or the Information Exchange Web Service (IEWS), will require users to follow the steps outlined below and in the DOJ bulletin:

Step #1: Login to CURES with your username and Password.

Step #2: Review and agree to the CURES Terms and Conditions.

Step #3: Verify your DOJ Identity by completing five (5) personal identity questions

  • First Name at Birth
  • Last Name at Birth
  • Mothers Maiden Name
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth

Step #3 is to be completed by the user only one time. If the user does not complete this step the first time they login to the optimized CURES, they will be prompted to do this step every time they login until this is completed.

In addition, CURES optimization will provide expanded Delegate functionality, through which Delegates will be authorized to directly access data in CURES. Practitioners currently utilizing a Delegate must enter into a new Delegate Agreement in order for their Delegate to have continued access to CURES beginning April 11, 2022.

New Delegates may also be added via Delegate Agreement. For information about the Delegate access, please refer to the DOJ guidance document “ New Features and Requirements for Expanded Delegate Access.

As part of the transition to optimized CURES, beginning on April 11, 2022, users will need to complete a few simple steps the first time they log into the system. For more information, please refer to the DOJ guidance document “ First Time Login to the New Optimized CURES.”

If you have any questions about optimized CURES, Delegate Access, or browser accessibility, contact the CURES Program at cures@doj.ca.gov or (916) 210-3187.