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The Medical Board of California (Board) would like to inform you of a change in the United States Medical Licensing Examination’s (USMLE) policy regarding test attempts.

Beginning July 1, 2021, the USMLE’s attempt limit policy will be reduced from six attempts to four attempts per Step exam.

The USMLE Composite Committee, the governing body of USMLE, voted to change the number of allowed attempts to protect the integrity of the exam and to more closely match the USMLE attempt limits imposed by the majority of state medical boards.

For more information about the USMLE’s change in its attempt limit policy, visit the FAQs on the USMLE’s website. If you have questions about how this change impacts you, please email the Office of the USMLE Secretariat at

The Medical Board of California (Board) would like to inform you that the fee charged to maintain the Controlled Substances Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) is set to increase.

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