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Mandated Standardized Written Information That Must be Provided to Patients

This written information is required to be provided by physicians to patients in specific circumstances. Fax requests to (916) 263-2497.

Publication Requirement Availability
A Patient's Guide to Blood Transfusion H&S §1645 (Paul Gann Blood Safety Act) requires physicians to provide to patients a standardized summary of the positive and negative aspects of receiving blood from volunteers, whenever there is a reasonable possibility that a blood transfusion may be necessary as a result of a medical/surgical procedure. Tri-fold pamphlet is available in English and Spanish in bundles of 50, up to 250 copies per order, at no charge.
Gynecologic Cancers...What Women Need to Know H&S §109278 requires medical care providers, primarily responsible for providing patients with an annual gynecological exam, to provide a standardized summary containing a description of the symptoms and appropriate methods of diagnoses for gynecological cancers. Tri-fold pamphlet is available in English and Spanish in bundles of 50, up to 250 copies per order, at no charge. Armenian, Chinese, Cambodian, Farsi, Hmong, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese are available online.
Therapy Never Includes Sexual Behavior B&P §728 requires physicians specializing in psychiatry to provide written information on the rights and remedies for patients who have been involved sexually with their psychotherapist when the physician becomes aware that the patient had alleged sexual intercourse or sexual contact with a previous psychotherapist during the course of a prior treatment. Single copies (up to 5 copies) of the booklet in English and Spanish are available at no charge.
Things to Consider Before Your Silicone Implant Surgery B&P §2259 (Cosmetic Implant Act of 1992) requires physicians to provide written information to patients considering silicone implant surgery. Booklet is out of print. Please substitute the written information authorized for use by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, prepared by the manufacturer, based upon the physician package insert.
Prostate Cancer Patient Guide B&P §2248, H&S §109280 (Grant H. Kenyon Prostate Cancer Detection Act) requires physicians, when providing a prostate exam during a physical examination, to provide patients with a standardized summary about the availability of appropriate diagnostic procedures. Physicians working on a trauma case as defined in H&S §1798.160 do not need to comply with this requirement. Booklet is available in English and Spanish in bundles of 25, up to 250 per order, at no charge.