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The Board tracks a variety of statistical information, which can be accessed on this page.

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California Business and Professions Code section 2240(b) requires that any physician who performs a medical procedure outside a general acute care hospital that results in the transfer of the patient to a hospital or emergency center for medical treatment for a period exceeding 24 hours shall report that information to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The form used to report this information must be constructed in such a manner that the physician and the patient are anonymous and the identifying information is not transmitted to the Board. The Board is required to aggregate and publish this data annually.

Public Information

Public information in bulk is available from the Medical Board of California regarding physicians and surgeons as well as outpatient surgery settings. The Board has developed a free public database in Microsoft Access 2007+ format, which is available to interested parties. Read more.

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