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Research and Student Research Psychoanalysts

A Research Psychoanalyst is an individual who has graduated from an approved psychoanalytic institution and is registered with the Board. Research Psychoanalysts may engage in psychoanalysis as an adjunct to teaching, training, or research.

Information Pertaining to the Practice of Psychoanalysis

Supervision of Student Research Psychoanalysts

Registered student research psychoanalysts may practice psychoanalysis under the supervision of a graduate psychoanalyst who has a minimum of five years of postgraduate clinical experience in psychoanalysis following completion of their psychoanalytic education.

The supervising psychoanalyst must provide individual supervision of each student for a minimum of one hour for each week per case of patient psychoanalysis for the first year of supervision, and no less than 1 hour per case each month thereafter. A minimum of 50 hours of supervision must be provided for each case for a total of 150 hours of supervision during training. The supervising psychoanalyst may supervise no more students than, in the judgment of the training institute, can be effectively supervised.

Notice to Consumers Regulations (Business & Professions Code section 2026)

Per Business and Professions Code section 2026, beginning January 1, 2023, all licensees and registrants of the Board must provide notice to each patient or client that they are licensed/registered and regulated by the Board, and their license/registration can be checked and complaints against the licensee/registrant can be made through the Board's website or by contacting the Board.

 Notice to Consumers Regulation Information